Workshop. Evidence Gap Mapping. Wednesday 22nd April, 11:00am-12:30pm

Workshop title:  

Evidence Gap Mapping

Outline of workshop:

Evidence and Gap Maps (EGM) are systematic and visual presentations of the availability of rigorous evidence for a particular policy domain. EGMs consolidate what we know and do not know about "what works" by mapping out existing and ongoing systematic reviews and impact evaluations in this field; and by providing a graphical display of areas with strong, weak or non-existent evidence on the effect of interventions or initiatives. A typical map is a matrix of intervention categories (rows) and outcome domain (columns). There may be additional filters for study design, location and population sub-group.

EGMs show what evidence there is and not what evidence says.

In this workshop we will provide overviews on how to formulate the research question, develop a search strategy, and construct the framework.  

Date and time:

Wednesday 22nd April, 11:00-12:30pm

Workshop facilitator:

Dr Jennifer Hanratty and Dr Ciara Keenan

Dr Jennifer Hanratty is a research fellow with Campbell UK & Ireland, Associate Editor with the Campbell Education Coordinating Group and sits on the editorial board of the Campbell Knowledge Translation and Implementation Group. She has worked in evidence synthesis since 2012, publishing systematic reviews and evidence syntheses products with Campbell, Cochrane and NIHR Health Technology Assessment amongst others. She is interested in making evidence more relevant, accessible and useful for the people who may benefit from better use of evidence and policy makers who can use evidence to inform decisions. Jennifer has a PhD in psychology and an enduring interest in children’s health and wellbeing and the impact of childhood maltreatment and trauma.

Dr Ciara Keenan is a Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast with an established international reputation in evidence synthesis methodology. Systematic review projects have demonstrated her expertise in the intersections of health, social welfare, disability, and education. Prior to joining Campbell UK and Ireland, Ciara was employed by Kleijnen Systematic Reviews (KSR) to work on projects for the healthcare industry, two of which have informed NICE guidelines.

Ciara earned an MSc with distinction having used evidence synthesis methodology as far back as 2013. Shortly thereafter she was awarded a full scholarship to pursue a PhD using evidence synthesis methods, which was completed in 2018.

Ciara is most committed to capacity building in evidence synthesis which has led to her work as Founder and Editor of the meta-evidence blog and twitter’s @evidencerobot. Ciara provides regular training and workshops across various evidence synthesis topics and is currently leading review teams on several projects including a network meta-analysis. In conjunction with these roles, Ciara is currently Co-Convenor of the Campbell Collaboration’s Information Scientist Network, a Methods Editor and Information Retrieval specialist for Campbell’s Education Coordinating Group (ECG).